Salty Sam’s Home Page


Salty Sam is a lighthouse keeper who lives
with his ex-pirate owned parrot, Barney.

He has many visitors to his lighthouse home
and they bring with them many exciting

His adventures begin in

Salty Sam and the Windy Day

  1. Radio aerial to contact the lads at the lifeboat station to invite them over for tea and buns and also for emergencies
  2. Weather vane to show Sam the direction that the wind is coming from
  3. Strong light that shines out in the night to warn ships to keep away from the dangerous rocks
  4. Walkway which is a good look-out point
  5. Spare bedroom for guests to stay overnight
  6. Sam’s bedroom
  7. Sam’s living room
  8. Sam’s kitchen and bathroom
  9. Front hall and the cupboard under the stairs where many useful things can be found
  10. Steps down to the water where small boats can moor
  11. The place where large boats can dock
  12. Storage room containing fresh water tanks
  13. The dangerous rocks on which the lighthouse is built but which ships should keep away from
  14. Secret underwater cave