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Home-made lce Cream


Hello Everyone



ln my last post l was telling you about my Auntie Alice’s garden and how she grows lots of flowers there. Well, she grows lots of other things as well like fruit trees and bushes and also some vegetables.


Most of the fruit ripens in the summer and autumn, so in order to store it over the winter she turns it into jam or ice cream or puts it in pies that she stores in the freezer.


Last Sunday, the whole family went to tea at Auntie Alice’s house and she gave us some ice cream that she had made.


She said it was a particularly easy recipe because you didn’t need a special ice cream making machine to make it, and after all, not everyone has one of those.


l thought you might like to have her recipe so that you can have a go at making your own ice cream, yum yum! smile1 (2)


And this week is definitely ice cream weather, isn’t it?


First put 200g of raspberries into a bowl and sprinkle on 4 tablespoons of sugar. Mush the raspberries up with a fork. This won’t take long.


Put 300ml of extra thick double cream on top. Stir the cream gently into the raspberries. You will make lovely pink and white swirls.


As soon as the white colour disappears put the bowl into the freezer.


Half an hour later stir the mixture again.


Half an hour after that, take the bowl out and pour the mixture into a shallow box. You can use something like a plastic box that has had mushrooms in it or a small lunch box. Then put the ice cream back into the freezer.


lf you start making the ice cream after lunch, it will be ready at tea time.


Take the ice cream out of the freezer and leave to soften slightly for ten minutes. This gives you time to eat your sandwiches first.


Get a grown-up to cut the ice cream into big cubes and put them into bowls.


lf you make the ice cream with blackberries instead, it will be a beautiful lavender colour.


A lovely ice cream topping, especially on vanilla ice cream, is honey.


WARNING: lf you have a lot of children in your house that like ice cream one box will not be enough! smile1 (2)



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Love and kisses



Salty Sam






Bill and Bob’s Joke of the Weekjokejoke


Bob: What’s the quickest way to make a milkshake?


Bill: l don’t know.


Bob: Give a cow a pogo stick!



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Picture Gallery


A raspberry bush


A vanilla plant is actually a kind of orchid 


A sugar cane flower


image020Ice cream selling from a bicycle is very traditional 


An old-fashioned ice cream van






A few days ago Bill and Bob went climbing trees. 



Unfortunately, Bob had an accident and fell out of the tree he was climbing in and had several bruises and a badly bumped nose.

His mother put some mouthwash on his bruises because she had read somewhere that it helped them heal more quickly, but Bob said that he needed something for the inside upset he had suffered too!

He said that he needed quite a lot of ice cream to make him feel better. 



But I am happy to report that he is now smiling again. 






The National Trust is asking members of the public to record the sounds of the seaside so that they can create an audio archive. They would like the recordings uploaded onto a digital map which will be managed by the British Library.

The trust said the sounds of the coastline and busy ports were constantly changing and the project would create an audio record for future generations to hear.

I thought that I might record Bill and Bob eating ice cream – they are certainly noisy enough when they do it. smile1 (2)

But then again perhaps not!!!



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talking smiley

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Quick Quiz


 What do these phrases mean?


  1. the pot calling the kettle black
  2. a watched pot never boils
  3. too many cooks spoil the broth
  4. a pretty kettle of fish
  5. one man’s meat is another man’s poison
  6. to be in the melting pot
  7. a piece of cake
  8. to shout someone a meal
  9. top banana
  10. the icing on the cake







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lt’s the Weekend! 





This week, I have another knitting pattern for you – Busy Bee Mittens.

You could adapt the idea for a pair of mittens for yourself if you have a pattern for mittens in your size and you want busy bee hands. They match the hat from last week’s blog.




Using 3½mm knitting needles and brown dk yarn cast on 22sts

K3 (p2, k2) until 3sts remain p3

Repeat this row 3 times (4 rows of ribbing)


Change to 4mm knitting needles

Increase 1 st at the beginning of the next two rows of stocking stitch starting with a knit row


Change to yellow dk yarn knit 4 rows (garter stitch)

Change to brown dk yarn, stocking stitch 4 rows starting with a knit row

Change to yellow dk yarn knit 4 rows

Change to brown dk yarn and decrease 1 st at each end of next 8 rows of stocking stitch (8 sts)

Cast off in the next knit row



Embroider a little bee face at the tip of the two top sides. French knots for the eyes in white and then black in the centres with a ‘v’ in back stitch for the mouth.

Sew around edges with right sides together using running stitch or back stitch. Neaten ends and turn right side out.

Over-sew 3 stitches 1 cm deep into the top of the mitten about 2cm/1inch from the side to make a thumb.


You will have two fat cuddly bumble bee mittens. But if they are a little loose, then run a length of brown yarn around the base of the cuffs to pull them in a little. This will ensure that my mittens won’t fly off if I start waving my arms about too much! 




Please note that the material on this blog is for personal use or for use in classrooms only.

It is a copyright infringement and, therefore, illegal under international law to sell items made with these patterns.

Use of the toys and projects on all of these blogs is at your own risk.

©Christina Sinclair Designs 2015 sand


Quick Quiz Answers


  1. the pot calling the kettle black – someone criticizing someone else for something they themselves are doing
  2. a watched pot never boils – when you watch a cooking pot it seems to take a long time for the contents to come to the boil
  3. too many cooks spoil the broth – when a lot of people interfere in a project it can go wrong
  4. a pretty kettle of fish – a messy or awkward situation
  5. one man’s meat is another man’s poison – what is good for one person can be bad for another
  6. to be in the melting pot – a situation is completely changing and the outcome is not yet clear
  7. a piece of cake – something easy to do
  8. to shout someone a meal – to buy them a meal
  9. top banana – performance of high quality
  10. the icing on the cake – an extra enhancement – when a situation is good and then something else good happens as well


 image059An old kettle – (sometimes called a cauldron) 


Embroidery Stitchesimage074



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