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Collecting Eggs


 Hello Everyone



Because l do a lot of baking, l use up a lot of eggs. Sometimes l go to the farm the other side of Rocky Bay that belongs to Farmer Jenkins.


When you buy your eggs straight from a farm, you know that they are lovely and fresh.


Farmer Jenkins keeps a lot of chickens and ducks, so most of the year he has lots of the eggs that they lay to sell. Eggs can be cooked in a lot of different ways and used in many different recipes.


The chickens and ducks roam about the farmyard. They go into the barns and fields and have a happy life. At night Farmer Jenkins shuts them up in the henhouse so that they can have a peaceful sleep and in the morning there are eggs to collect.


Wild birds lay eggs in nests that they make. You are not allowed to collect eggs from the wild, only from birds that you keep yourself.


There is even an animal that lays eggs as well. lt lives in Australia and it is called a duck-billed platypus.


All birds lay eggs, but not almost every day like chickens. The biggest egg in the world is laid by an ostrich. lt is 24 times bigger than a chicken’s egg and takes 1 hour to hard boil!


Farmer Jenkins doesn’t keep ostriches.


An even bigger egg is laid by a shark under the sea.




Do you ever eat eggy bread? lt is very easy to make and a good way of using up bread that is getting old.


Firstly beat up an egg with a little splash of milk, a pinch of salt and a pinch of pepper on a plate with a fork.


Soak a slice of bread in the egg coating both sides and fry it in a frying pan in some hot oil and a knob of butter. lt is best to get your mum or dad to do the frying part because it is not a good idea for very little children to use a cooker. lt is not a toy.


Of course, you are allowed to use a cooker, if your parents say you can.


My nephews Bill and Bob love having eggy bread for breakfast especially on a chilly day.


And did you know that the water you have boiled an egg in is good for houseplants? Let it cool down before you water your plants though!


And then the shells can be put on the compost heap! smile1 (2)


l will speak to you soon.



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Love and kisses



Salty Sam






Bill and Bob’s Joke of the Weekjokejoke


Bob: Why do chickens love watching television?


Bill: l don’t know. Why do chickens love watching television?


Bob: Because they like the hentertainment!



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Picture Gallery



A chicken 


A duck


 A goose 


A duck-billed platypus 


An ostrich 


An ostrich egg 


A chick 


A duckling



    desk  THE SALTY SAM NEWS DESKlamp 



There was a fun run in Rocky Bay recently. Because it was in the school holidays, Bill and Bob decided to enter. Bill was dressed as a chicken and Bob was dressed as an egg.

They said that they wanted to know the answer to the age old question ‘Which came first the chicken or the egg?’.

I expect you want to know which of them came first. 



Well, unfortunately Bob fell over while he was running. He bumped his nose and grazed his knees and Bill went over to help him out.

So in fact neither of them even reached the finishing line.


Sad image033

 They are both alright now.







So here, as promised, is the skirt to complete the knitted doll’s pixie outfit.

We do have pixies in the Rocky Bay Woods but you rarely see them. They don’t much like it when heavy-footed humans come stomping through. You have to go through the woods very gently and even then you will be very lucky to catch a glimpse of one.



Using 4mm knitting needles and green dk yarn cast on 60 stitches


Knit 2 rows of garter stitch

Knit 24 rows of stocking stitch

Knit 4 rows of garter stitch

Cast off



Sew up the back seam using over-sew stitches.

Crochet 120 chains into a length of the green yarn and thread this cord into the top of the skirt evenly around the top band by using a yarn needle.

Then neaten the ends of the cord by pulling the yarn back up through the chain and cutting off the excess.

Pull it into a bow at the front.

(The pattern for the shoes is on post 26.)






If you would like to encourage pixies and fairies into your garden, what better way than to make a special garden for them.  There are some ideas for you on my Pinterest board at:

(But don’t use broken flower pots with sharp corners because you could scratch your arms on them.)











Quick Quiz


What do the following phrases mean?


  1. a bad egg
  2. to egg someone on
  3. to have egg on your face
  4. to put/have all your eggs in one basket
  5. to have a nest egg
  6. to teach your grandmother to suck eggs









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lt’s the Weekend!




Draw a chicken shape on a piece of paper with a base of 8cm (or just over)/3½ inches and a height of 10½cm/4 inches.


 (Actual size)


This width will fit over a medium size egg.

Draw on a beak, crest, tail and wings.

When you are happy with your picture; cut the chicken out in yellow felt and two wings in red felt.

Cut the beak, crest and tail with an extra small strip at the bottom that you will need to push inside the chicken when you make it.




Sew the top of the wings to the body.

Blanket stitch around the body of the chicken using a contrasting colour; you can use embroidery thread or ordinary thread. Use running stitch to sew across the beak, crest and tail.

Incorporate the beak, crest and tail as you work pushing the extra strip of fabric inside the body. Leave the bottom edge open for the chicken to sit over your hard boiled egg.


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Quick Quiz Answers


  1. a bad egg
  2. to egg someone on
  3. to have egg on your face
  4. to put/have all your eggs in one basket
  5. to have a nest egg
  6. to teach your grandmother to suck eggs 


  1. a person who is worthless/no good
  2. to urge/encourage someone to do something
  3. to look foolish
  4. to depend entirely on the success of one plan
  5. to have some money saved up
  6. to show someone more experienced than you are how to do something they can already do




For an Embroidery Stitches Chart

Check out Blog Post 3scroll

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