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Hello Everyone



Now, l want to ask you a very important question…


Do you always eat up all your veggies?


l know that you know the answer to this question should be yes.


There are some people who only eat plant life.


They are called vegans.


They eat no animal products at all.  Some people are raw vegans.  That means their food is not cooked above a temperature of 40 degrees Celsius.


This is because they don’t want to cook the ‘life’ out of their food.


lt must be a lot easier to eat a lot of raw food in a hot country than a cold one! 


Hot food is very comforting to come home from school to on a cold winter’s night; but at 40 degrees the food is quite hot.


A lot of doctors don’t like the idea of a totally raw diet.  They advise that you can have some vegetables cooked and some raw.  Some food like potatoes must be cooked. 


Vegetarians eat food that does not take the life of any animal.


Ovo-lacto vegetarians eat eggs and dairy products as long as rennet is not used.  Rennet is taken from the stomachs of dead animals.  Cheese can be vegetarian if it is made without animal rennet.


Some sweets and desserts use gelatine.  This is taken from animal bones.  Food with gelatine in it is not vegetarian.


Ovo vegetarians eat eggs but not dairy products – that is to say products made from milk.


lt is not so hard to be a vegetarian in Britain because most supermarkets and food companies are really good at labelling their products with a little symbol of a green ‘V’ or leaf.


This saves so much time.  You don’t have to read the ingredient list on everything you buy.


Pescetarians eat fish and shellfish but not meat.  lt is easy to remember this word because it sound a bit like the word for the horoscope sign of the two fish, which is Pisces.


Vegetarians don’t eat meat or fish.  Sometimes they choose to eat this way because they don’t want to take the life of a living creature.  Sometimes they think that not eating meat is healthy for them.  Sometimes they can’t bear the thought of eating a dead body.  Sometimes all three reasons count.


Some vegetarians and vegans think that their choices of diet help with weight control.  They believe that when your body gets high volumes of nutrition from a nutrition rich diet, it does not crave large amounts of food.


They think that if you eat loads of rubbish, your body keeps wanting you to put more food into it, hoping that sooner or later it will get something worth having! 


There have been vegetarians around for thousands of years.  Vegetarianism became established as a movement in Britain and America in the early 1800s.


Vegans don’t eat animal products at all – this means animals that are wild or kept on farms.


lf you ate nothing but crisps, you would be a vegan.  lf you ate nothing but strawberries, you would be a vegan.


lf you ate like this, you would probably get ill!


Some people eat nothing but fruit.  They are called fruitarians. 


Some people think this is a step too far.


Vegans get their protein from eating things like chia seeds, spirulina and chlorella.  They also eat a variety of nuts, seeds, pulses (like lentils) and beans (like kidney beans).  Legumes like peas are important too.


They drink soya or nut milks instead of milk from cows or goats and they eat a special kind of vegan cheese made without using milk.  Soy yoghurts are also available.


lt is really important to eat small amounts of healthy fats otherwise your body cannot function (work) properly.  You can get these from things like olives, avocado, linseed and nuts.  Lack of Omega 3 can give you dry skin, depression and problems with general brain function.


A lot of scientists say that heart attacks are induced by animal fats and maybe animal proteins as well.


lron can be obtained from nuts, pulses, dried fruit and dark, leafy vegetables like spinach, watercress, herbs and broccoli.


Calcium can be obtained from food like dried fruit, sesame seeds, pulses and calcium-set tofu.


Zinc is found in nuts and pumpkin seeds.  lf you have white flecks in your nails, you need more zinc.


Vitamin D can be obtained from sunlight, and food like fortified fat spreads and fortified unsweetened soya milk.


Spices like cumin and cinnamon are thought to be good for you.  lf you don’t like porridge, add maple syrup, cinnamon, and chunks of fresh or dried fruit and see what you think!


Nobody should have too much salt or sugar.  Because your taste buds replace themselves and your taste can change, reducing the amount you take will not be noticeable over a period of time.


Anything a vegan eats a vegetarian can eat.


lmportantly, vegans should really take Vitamin B12 as a tablet from a jar because they very likely won’t get enough from anything they eat – unless they are Marmite lovers.   Vegetarians get it from eggs and diary products.


Vegans don’t agree with keeping animals on farms.  They won’t even eat honey.  They do support animal hospitals and sanctuaries though.


Most people think that farms should be cruelty-free – including meat-eaters of course.


Some people think that growing plants to eat is a better use of land than meat production.  You can feed more people using farm acreage for growing plants than using it to produce meat.


Some people won’t use any animal products at all, like fur, leather or silk where the silk worms are destroyed in the more traditional process of harvesting silk.  Nowadays, there is a method whereby their silk cocoon can be taken without killing them.


Modern, fur fabric used on clothes is a very realistic substitute for real fur.  lt is labelled faux fur.  That mean false fur; it is not real.


Vegetarians use wool products because the sheep will not be killed when their fleece is taken.  A dietary vegan may use wool products but a lifestyle vegan won’t.


lt is also important that cosmetics and toiletries are labelled cruelty free.  That means that no animals have been used to test them before they are put on sale.  Lots of people choose to buy these.


Some people think that being a vegan will keep them healthy and free from a lot of illnesses because their diet is so full of nutrition, their immune system will build up really well.


Of course, in order to be a healthy vegan, you have to make sure that you eat all the nutrition you need to be healthy.


When you are a child, you may not have a choice but to eat what your family eats.  A lot of people think that veganism is not a good idea for children even though it is good thing for adults.  Children’s bodies are different from adults.  They are better at digesting milk for one thing.  lf children have problem digesting cows’ milk they may find that they have no trouble digesting goats milk, which is different.


A lot of people who follow a whole-food, plant-based diet really believe that they can protect themselves from getting horrible diseases.


There has been a huge rise in people becoming vegans in recent years.  But vegans have been around for a while.  The Vegan Society was formed in 1944.  lt became a registered charity in 1979.


Vegans are more likely to be women than men.


A lot of celebrities on lnstagram who have a lot of followers eat a plant-based diet and this has encouraged their followers to follow suit.


Nowadays, producing food for vegans is big business.  There are lots of recipes and advice on the lnternet, including You Tube, too. 


There is more food for vegans in the supermarkets now than ever before and you may well find that it is cheaper to buy this kind of food there than in health food shops.


A lot of restaurants are careful to provide vegetarian meals nowadays.  The meals are clearly labelled on the menu.


Flexitarianism has become popular too.  This is when a vegetarian goes vegan for a few days at a time.


When you grow up and you can choose what you eat, it is probably a good idea to look at advice given by several different sources before you decide what is right for you. 


There can be a lot of conflicting advice about what is bad to eat online and you can end up feeling that there is nothing left that is safe to eat!


Living a happy life contributes a lot to your health.  Having an unhappy brain will give you an unhappy body.  The thoughts that you have in your brain have an enormous effect on your body.  Being healthy is not just about the food you eat. 


But if you are ever going through an especially stressful time – like taking exams, it is really, really important to support your body with nutrition. 


Exercising helps with stress too, and just a walk in the fresh air can be enough to help – you don’t have to start an exercise regime like you are training for the Olympics.


Whatever diet you choose to eat, variety is really important.  lf you try to live a life that is healthy, but it is boring and makes you really miserable, it is very unlikely that you are going to continue being able to keep it up.


Eating well is a personal responsibility. 


lt can definitely help stop you for getting bad illnesses.


lf you ever go to a party or barbeque, you had better make sure the person throwing the party knows if there is anything you won’t eat – especially if you have food allergies.



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Thank you!


And see you again next Fun Friday!


Love and kisses



Salty Sam





Bill and Bob’s Joke of the Weekjokejoke


Bob:  What did the waiter say to the trout when he walked into a vegan restaurant?


Bill:  l don’t know.  What did the waiter say to the trout when he walked into a vegan restaurant?


Bob:  l am very sorry sir, but we don’t serve fish!



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A few weeks ago, Bill and Bob discovered something surprising in Auntie Alice’s greenhouse.

They had left some avocado stones on a large pot of damp compost – oh, it was some while ago now, and forgotten all about them.

Then they found that one of them had split and started to grow.



Their mum sometimes buys avocados to put in salads.  She adds lots of tomatoes so that Bill and Bob will eat them.

Avocados are very good for you.  You can have them from time to time.

Bill and Bob kept the stones from inside them.

A shoot had started to grow out of just one stone.  It looked like a dark pink mouse’s tail. 



Auntie Alice dug the stone out of the pot and put it in a smaller one with some fresh compost.

They could all see that there were roots under the stone.

Bill and Bob took the little pot home to look after their new, little tree.

Then the avocado seemed to stop growing for quite a while and the boys became worried that their plant had become poorly.  The stem seemed quite hard and stiff which is a good sign, but just wasn’t getting any bigger.

Sometimes when plants are transplanted they feel a bit shocked.

Bill and Bob kept giving the compost little dribbles of water.

Then a couple of weeks ago a tiny sprout appeared at the top of the stem and turned into two tiny leaves.

The leaves grew bigger and more appeared.

Roots are growing out of the little pot and Bill and Bob think that soon they may have to put it into a slightly bigger one.



She said that she did not really have room for an avocado tree at the moment and gave it to Bill and Bob to take home and look after.

If they want fruit to grow on it, they will have to wait for quite a number of years – and they will need at least two trees growing near to each other in order to get pollination to make fruit. 

But it makes a nice house plant to have for now.

If you want to grow an avocado plant, put the stone on well-drained compost.  They hate the cold and don’t like being over-watered either.  You will see when they want water because the leaves will begin to droop.









Quick Quiz


These are herbs, pulses, fruits, vegetables, legumes and fungus.


What are they?


  1. k _ _ e
  2. s _ _ _ _ _ h
  3. p _ _ _ _ _ y
  4. p _ _ _ _ r
  5. p _ _ _ _ _ n
  6. g _ _ _ _ n p _ a
  7. c _ _ _ _ t
  8. l _ _ _ _ l
  9. s _ _ _ t    c _ _ n
  10. g _ _ _ n    b _ _ n
  11. t _ _ _ _ o
  12. o _ _ _ n
  13. p _ _ _ _ o
  14. c _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ e
  15. a _ _ _ _ _ _ _ s
  16. a _ _ _ _ _ _ _ e
  17. c _ _ _ _ y
  18. m _ _ _ _ _ _ _ m
  19. b _ _ _ _ _ _ i
  20. c _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ r
  21. c _ _ _ _ _ _ r
  22. r _ _ _ _ h
  23. c _ _ _ k    p _ a
  24. p _ _ _ _ _ p
  25. c _ _ _ _ _ e


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lt’s the Weekend!




Some dogs don’t eat meat nowadays.

Maybe their owners are vegans and they don’t want to buy any meat at all.

This little dog can go with you to the supermarket and help you choose what you would like to eat.

Don’t lose him!




Using 4mm knitting needles and brown dk yarn cast on 14 stitches

Knit 2 rows of garter stitch

Knit 20 rows of stocking stitch

Don’t cast off – leave a length of yarn to pull through your stitches

Embroider a face onto the front of the puppet

The eyes are French knots

The snout is 20 chains crocheted into a length of yarn curled round and sewn into place

The tongue is a lazy daisy loop

The nose is a bead

Otherwise, you could make a face using felt and sew it onto the front of your knitting



If you would like to make tiny circles of felt, use a hole-punch.



Using 4mm knitting needles and brown dk yarn cast on 6 stitches

Knit 8 rows of stocking stitch

Don’t cast off – leave a length of yarn to pull through your stitches



Using 4mm knitting needles and brown dk yarn cast on 4 stitches

Knit 4 rows of garter stitch

Decrease 1 stitch at the beginning of the next 2 rows of garter stitch

Knit 2 together

Cast off



Crochet 5 chains into a length of yarn




  1. Using over-sew stitching and with wrong sides together sew up the back seam of the body
  2. Turn the dog right sides out
  3. Using over-sew stitching and with right sides together sew up the arm seams
  4. Turn the arms the right way out tucking the ends of the yarn inside – this is all the stuffing the arms will need
  5. Bind one end of yarn tightly around the wrists – poke it out of the base of the wrist before you turn the arms the right way out
  6. Sew the ears into place at the top of the had at the sides



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It is a copyright infringement and, therefore, illegal under international law to sell items made with these patterns.

Use of the toys and projects is at your own risk.

©Christina Sinclair Designs 2015sand



Quick Quiz Answers


  1. kale
  2. spinach
  3. parsley
  4. pepper
  5. pumpkin
  6. garden pea
  7. carrot
  8. lentil
  9. sweet corn
  10. green bean
  11. tomato
  12. onion
  13. potato
  14. courgette
  15. asparagus
  16. aubergine
  17. celery
  18. mushroom
  19. broccoli
  20. cauliflower
  21. cucumber
  22. radish
  23. chick pea
  24. parsnip
  25. cabbage




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Embroidery Stitches


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