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Saving Money


Hello Everyone



Bill and Bob are still helping Auntie Alice in her garden during their free time, and consequently still sharing in her profits when she sells her produce.


Their dad, who works with figures at work, that means grown-up maths, sometimes tells them about how they should save some of the money they make.  He keeps telling them to feed their money boxes.


Sometimes when Bill and Bob don’t want to hear it again they are very naughty and close their eyes and start snoring very loudly.


They wish sometimes that he would talk more with them and not at them.


Children learn a lot from their parents by what they say, but even more by their example.  Children learn what they live.


Children might think that whatever is normal in their household is the same normal in other homes.  There is no universal normal.  Each family lives their own normal.


lf parents work hard, their children think it is normal, if only the mother cooks and the father mows the lawn, the children think this is normal.  ln another household the father might cook and the mother might mow the lawn.


Children learn a lot by watching how things are done too.  Their brains are still growing and they appreciate patience.  There is so much to learn in this modern world. 


A human brain does not reach full maturity until the age of thirty or forty.  This may surprise you.  You are not completely grown up at eighteen.  Scientists are still studying the brain to find out more information about it.


lf children live with encouragement, they learn to be confident in their own abilities, if they live with praise they have high self-esteem.  They take this into adulthood.  They are never spoilt by too much affection – that means lots of cuddle and kisses.


So are Bill and Bob saving money?


Yes, they are.


They feed their money boxes regularly and then transfer the money into their building society accounts so that they can get interest on their money.


They understand the concept of budget.  That means you don’t spend more than you have.


ln order to make a budget you need to sit down and carefully write down a lot of figures.  You need to list what money is coming in and what money is going out.


Never make assumptions – always check everything. 


You are often wrong when you make assumptions and surprised when you check the facts!


lf you find that you are wasting money, you can change your spending habits. 


lt is amazing how lots of little amounts of money can add up.  This is true when you are spending it and when you are saving it.  lt is only when you see this on paper it really comes home to you – you see it for yourself. 


lt can be a real shock!


You can save money by using every last thing up, don’t buy more than you need of something if it is going to go off – like food.  lf you plan meals, you will know exactly what to buy.


lf you buy things in bulk or in the sales to save money, make sure they are things that will last in the cupboard.


Keep your cupboards tidy so that you don’t lose things and have to go out and buy more stuff when you shouldn’t have to.


Buying quality things that last can be cheaper than buying cheap things that don’t in the long run.  When you think about money, always think about the long run!


Shop around before you buy – that means do research on prices in different shops and online stores before a purchase; especially when you are spending a large amount of money.


Learn how to make repairs – like how to sew on a button.


Learn how to make thinks like clothes and bookcases.  Learn how to grow things like herbs and fruit.  Learn how to cook meals from basic ingredients rather than living on ready made meals all the time.  A lot of meals can be cooked in bulk and then frozen in portions to reheat when you are tired and don’t have so much time to cook from scratch.


Above all, before you buy anything ask yourself the question.  Do you really need it or do you really, really, really want it?


Then when you do treat yourself to something, the pleasure is much greater!


Bill and Bob understand that income does not equal wealth – that means that you can earn a lot of money but if you let the money slip away through your fingers and have nothing to show for it you can be left with nothing in the future. 


They know you need to learn about how to invest money wisely. 


They know you may need to find new ways of making money.


They know that having a lot of debt can give you stress and anxiety.


They know that everybody should have an emergency fund.  Some people call it saving for a rainy day.  The rainy day is not exactly a rainy day – it is a time in your life when you have problems and you need money to tide you over.


When you think about money, you should always think about the future.


You see?  Bill and Bob were listening to their dad after all.


He was only trying to help.



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Salty Sam





Bill and Bob’s Joke of the Weekjokejoke


Bob:  Why would the Easter Bunny make a bad financial adviser?


Bill:  l don’t know.  Why would the Easter Bunny make a bad financial adviser?


Bob:  Because he thinks it is a good idea to put all your eggs in one basket!


Bill:  You mean he didn’t get advice about setting up a diverse portfolio?


Bill and Bob’s Dad:  You were listening!



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This week, Miss Pringle had a serious talk to her class about their English – both written and spoken.

She said that there were certain points that she wanted to go over with them again and they should listen to her and pay more attention to their writing in the future.

They were always making silly mistakes.

She said that they should be careful not to repeat meaning – saying things like:-


Tiny little

Many multiple things

Self-assess themselves


They should not assume that every prefix that created an opposite could be ‘un’!


You could have others like:-


Illegal – it is not legal

Disreputable – it does not have a good reputation

Indescribable – it cannot be described


And above all they should not use the word ‘like’ 27 times in every sentence when it was not necessary to use it even once!!!


Then she gave them an exercise to do – can you explain the difference between these words?


  1. Useful
  2. Used
  3. Unused
  4. Misused
  5. Unusable
  6. Disused









Quick Quiz


What do these phrases mean?


  1. ten a penny
  2. having seconds thoughts
  3. second to none
  4. back to square one
  5. two is company three’s a crowd
  6. to be at sixes and sevens
  7. once bitten twice shy
  8. to be knocked for six
  9. at the eleventh hour
  10. third time lucky
  11. to be on cloud nine
  12. to be in seventh heaven






lt’s the Weekend!




This little bag can hold a coin for a trolley.

You can sew it onto a key fob to keep it safe.



Using 4mm knitting needles and blue dk yarn cast on 12 stitches

Knit 2 rows of garter stitch

Knit 12 rows of stocking stitch

Change to white dk yarn

Knit 4 rows of garter stitch

Cast off



  1. Sew a decorative button onto the front of the bag
  2. Using over-sew stitching and with right sides together sew bottom and side seams
  3. Crochet 20 chains into a length of blue yarn and leave ends that can be sewn onto a key ring
  4. Thread this cord along the top of the bag and tie a knot at the end of the chains



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Answers to the News Desk Quiz


Useful – something that will help you do something


Used – has been used before like a toothbrush that someone has used to clean their teeth


Unused – has not been used at all like a brand new toothbrush


Misused – something that has been used for the wrong purpose like someone using your toothbrush to clean their shoes


Unusable – something that cannot be used – like if someone had used your toothbrush to clean their shoes; you would not want to put it in your mouth again


Disused – something that is not used anymore like a mine or quarry or warehouse that has been closed down





Quick Quiz Answers


  1. ten a penny – very cheap
  2. having seconds thoughts – changing your mind about a decision you have made
  3. second to none – the best
  4. back to square one – having to start a project again
  5. two is company three’s a crowd – when two people want to be alone, they don’t want a third person hanging around
  6. to be at sixes and sevens – to be in confusion
  7. once bitten twice shy – once you have had a bad experience with something or someone, you don’t want it to happen again
  8. to be knocked for six – something like a bad situation hits you hard
  9. at the eleventh hour – at the last minute – just as time was running out
  10. third time lucky – trying something for the third time and it works
  11. to be on cloud nine – very happy
  12. to be in seventh heaven – very happy


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