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Do you know what these symbols represent?


They are symbols of signs of the zodiac and you can check your answers in the Picture Gallery this week.


l expect that you know which sign of the zodiac you were born under. 


lf you are Chinese, then you will have signs relating to the year you were born in, and not the time of year.  Chinese zodiac signs are different.


You might regularly look at your horoscope in the newspaper to see what the forthcoming day holds for you.


The horoscopes in the newspaper are often very cryptic – that means hard to understand.  This means they are open to interpretation – meaning that you can put many different meanings to the information to make it mean what you think it means. 


ln other words, it is a generalized view.


The horoscopes in newspapers can be written by junior reporters who have no knowledge about the movement of the stars or telling the future.  They have just been asked to write 12 paragraphs that sound mystical!


There are, however, professional astrologers who are very adept (clever at and capable of) at charting the movement of the bodies of the Solar System and drawing these up as a chart.


The charts they draw up look very complicated to an untrained eye.


They then interpret what the positions mean to people on Earth and how they will influence them.


Some of these professional astrologers write columns in nation newspapers.  They might have channels on You Tube.


You will notice that horoscopes often tell you to ‘break away from the old and bring in the new’.  This is often wise advice.


They will also very often tell you that the future will bring better things than the past.  A lot of people love to hear messages like this because they are looking for hope to lift their spirits.


A lot of people think that astrology is bunkum (nonsense), but some people put great store by it.  They believe that there are unseen forces in the universe that have influence on our lives; that there are currents and forces of energy that can be tapped into and read like a kind of language.


There are people who gift new-born babies with astrological charts as a kind of guide to what their path in life will look like.  The chart will say what skills and talents the baby will have, what special luck will befall them and what character attributes they will have.  These gifts are common in parts of Asia.


To draw up an astrological chart for someone, you have to know exactly when they were born and also the place on Earth as well.


Astrologers say the sign you are born under will denote not only what kind of character you have and your likes and dislikes, but what you look like as well. 


People born under the sign of Taurus are said to be loyal and tenacious.  Pisceans are supposed to be sensitive and artistic.


lf you are born under the sign of Cancer you are supposed to have beautiful eyes and under the sign of Leo you are supposed to have lovely hair.


Anything said about you that is nice; you will probably agree with!


The cusp is the time when the Sun moves from one sign to another and because the movement of the Earth around the Sun is not exactly the same each year, the time of the Sun moving from one sign to another sometimes differs.  You can be born on a cusp.


Within the sign there are three decans so there are 36 decans in all.  They further define what you are like.  lf you are born in the first decan, which will be the first third of the sign, you are supposed to have the Sun sign traits in the strongest measures.


Some business people contact professional astrologers to ask advice about what decisions they should make and very importantly when they should move forward with certain projects or travel plans to get the best luck.


The astrologers may act as a sort of counsellor to listen to a problem someone has, and it often helps to just to talk to someone about what is worrying you.


Astrology was often associated with witchcraft and being psychic or put another way, those people able to tap into the invisible universe (a world of force rather than form) and get information and advice about events, some of them in the future.   


People who practiced the occult (connecting with the supernatural) like witches and sorcerers understood the Hermetic laws of the universe. 


Hermetic philosophy came from Hermes Trismegistus, a priest from Ancient Egypt.  He wrote about how he believed the universe worked.


lf you have ever heard of the ‘Law of Attraction’, this is just one of the Hermetic Laws.


Astrologers and soothsayers (fortune tellers) were used by rulers of kingdoms since very ancient times to help them make decisions. 


There was an astrologer in the court of Elizabeth l called John Dee whose descendants continued in the family trade right up to modern times. 


John Dee spent his life learning and expanding his knowledge and collected together one of the biggest libraries in England.  ln those days sorcery was considered a science, and as much to be studied as mathematics and geometry.  There are certain elements of the modern science of quantum physics which are similar to those old beliefs.


The astrologers’ abilities were much valued to rulers who had to take important decisions on behalf of their people.   lt is thought that John Dee coined (invented) the phrase ‘British Empire’.  He advised the queen to start an empire and she took his advice.


Using different methods to see the future is called divination.  lt is frowned upon by the modern church.  But occult practice is not necessarily evil.  White magic and black are complete opposites.


And a lot of people think that astrology is just a bit of harmless fun.



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Bill and Bob’s Joke of the Weekjokejoke


Bob:  What is your sign of the zodiac Bill?


Bill:  Don’t be silly Bob, we are twins, l am the same sign as you are!


Bob:  Do you mean Gemini?


Bill:  We don’t have to be Gemini just because we are twins!


Bob:  Were we born under a winning sign, do you think? Will it make us successful in life?


Bill:  l don’t think so.  lt was probably just a constellation prize!



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Picture Gallery



Constellations – or star patterns


Chinese birth signs are different


Making a chart








Birth stones are associated with the month you were born in and not your Sun sign.  Do you know what they are?


Newsdesk Quiz


Do you know your birth stone?


January – g _ _ _ _ _

February – a _ _ _ _ _ _ _

March – a _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _

April – d _ _ _ _ _ _

May – e _ _ _ _ _ _

June – p _ _ _ _

July – r _ _ _

September – s _ _ _ _ _ _ _

October – o _ _ _

November – t _ _ _ _

December – t _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _









Quick Quiz


Which signs of the zodiac are air signs, earth signs, fire signs and water signs?


Cancer Scorpio Pisces

Gemini Libra Aquarius

Aries Leo Sagittarius

Taurus Virgo Capricorn






lt’s the Weekend!




This gift box is tiny and is perfect for using for a small present like a crystal or ring or pair of earrings.  You can line it with cotton wool if you like.  Tie the lid on with a length of yarn to keep the lid on.

You can make it in blue and green for water signs, yellow and orange for fire signs, blue and white for air signs and tan and white for earth signs.

Cut the following pieces of plastic canvas and cover with alternate colour crosses in a chequer board pattern.

Sew over the sides of the inner skin pieces to cover the plastic edges.

Sew the side pieces to the base – or the top of the lid.

Sew the corners up on the outer box pieces only.

Put the inner base into the outer base and the inner lid into the outer lid.

Sew along the rims using white yarn.




Box base               13 holes by 9 holes          cut 1 piece

Box sides               13 holes by 5 holes          cut 2 pieces

Box sides               9 holes by 5 holes            cut 2 pieces


Box base lining       11 holes by 7 holes           cut 1 piece

Box sides lining      11 holes by 4 holes           cut 2 pieces

Box sides lining      7 holes by 4 holes            cut 2 pieces


Lid top                  15 holes by 11 holes         cut 1 piece

Lid sides               15 holes by 4 holes          cut 2 pieces

Lid sides               11 holes by 4 holes           cut 2 pieces


Lid top lining         13 by 9 holes                   cut 1 piece

Lid sides lining       13 holes by 3 holes          cut 2 pieces

Lid sides lining       9 holes by 3 holes            cut 2 pieces



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It is a copyright infringement and, therefore, illegal under international law to sell items made with these patterns.

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Answers to the News Desk Quiz


January – garnet

February – amethyst

March – aquamarine

April – diamond

May – emerald

June – pearl

July – ruby

September – sapphire

October – opal

November – topaz

December – tanzanite




Quick Quiz Answers


Leo Aries Sagittarius – fire

Scorpio Pisces Cancer – water

Capricorn Virgo Taurus – earth

Libra Gemini Aquarius – air


Yes, although Aquarius is the water carrier it is an air sign


Their pictures are here =


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