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The Shipwreck Game


Hello Everyone



Last week l was telling you about Bill and Bob making a magic beak.


All week they have been playing with magic beaks. They have made them in different colours and to answer different questions, like for example who will you marry – tinker, tailor, soldier, sailor, rich man, poor man, beggar man, thief?


Bill and Bob have learn different games at Beaver Scouts as well.


Sometimes, they are games where they run about.


But when they are camping they learn different board games to play in the tent when it is raining.


They enjoy playing these games so much that they decided to invent their own. They asked me to tell you all about it so that you can make your own game and play it as well.


lt is a good game to play when it is raining and you can’t go outside to play. lt is called the Shipwreck Game.


Firstly, you need to make your game. Take the biggest piece of card you can find like from the top of a pizza box or the packing from a new shirt or the side of a cereal packet.


Put a small bottle in the middle of the card and draw around it. This is your island of safety.


Cut a piece of string 20cm longer than half the width of the card. Tie one end around a pencil and one end around the small bottle (or a jar or a cotton reel or a tube). Put the bottle in the middle of the card. Put the pencil in one corner of the card and holding the bottle tight, draw around the card. As the string wraps itself around the bottle you will draw a spiral to the island.


Draw around a large coin with a pen to make circles along the spiral. Then draw a picture of a ship at the outer end of the spiral or cut a picture out of a magazine or holiday brochure (with the owner’s permission).


Alternatively, you can just draw an island in the middle of the card and then draw around a large coin many times to make a spiral of circles coming out from the island to the ship in the corner. lt might be a good idea to draw a few arrows going in the direction of the island so that you don’t get confused about which direction you are supposed to be moving in when you start playing. smile1 (2) 


Draw a picture of a shark on a small circle of card about the same size as the circles on the spiral. You will also need a die and cup and a coloured counter for each player – or little figures if you have them.


Any number of people can play. One person is the shark and the rest of the players jump from the sinking boat and then they try to swim to the island.


Of course everyone will want to be the shark, so you should take it in turns.


The way you play the game is like this:-


The shark starts off at the island. lt can move backwards and forwards as it chooses. The people start off at the boat. They can only move towards the island.


Everyone needs an odd number to start. Everyone takes a turn to throw a number using the die.


You can have more than one counter (or person) on a circle.


lf the shark and a person are on the same circle that person is out of the game.


Whoever reaches the island first wins the game.



The others continue playing to try and reach the island. lf no one gets there, the shark wins!


Bill and Ben showed their new game to their friends at Beavers and they all thought it was a lot of fun trying to avoid the shark – and even more fun being the shark!



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Love and kisses



Salty Sam






Bill and Bob’s Joke of the Weekjokejoke


Bill: What kind of sharks, don’t eat women?


Bob: l don’t know. What kind of sharks, don’t eat women?


Bill: Man-eating sharks!



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Picture Gallery

Sharks to Avoid on Holiday

(The Big Four)


Great white 


Tiger shark 


Hammerhead shark 


Bull shark


Both aeroplanes and some modern ships carry what is called a ‘black box’ – even though they are actually a bright orange so that they can be spotted easily in wreckage

The box records everything that the people piloting a ship do so that if an accident happens and the investigators find out what caused the accident, it might be possible to take steps to prevent a similar accident happening again






This week, Bill and Bob managed to stop playing the shipwreck game long enough to make you another word puzzle. This time it is a ladder word game.




Can you get from save ⇒ palm by changing words one letter at a time? 


These clues should help you.


  1. to rescue someone
  2. to be away from harm
  3. a small restaurant where you can buy lunch
  4. what Victorian school boys got smacked with
  5. a piece of glass to put in a window
  6. the opposite to mad
  7. when a shop sells things off cheaply
  8. the opposite to dark
  9. many friends
  10. a tropical tree 



To find the answers go to the bottom of the post.





This is a really easy way to make a little raft to float in a pool of water.

Tie two corks together using thin elastic bands.

Make a sail out of a thick piece of paper of a thin piece of card.

Draw a design on it like a scull and cross bones if you would like to.

Cut a slit in the centre of the top and bottom to attach it to a lolly stick mast.

Push the lolly stick between the corks.










crafty tip

Crafty Tip


You can use cut-out pictures on your board.




Your ship



Your shark




Your island of safety







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lt’s the Weekend! 


Collect some plastic bottle tops that are all the same size. They shouldn’t be very big. Wash them if they are sticky.

Using modelling clay make little models of all the people you play games with: your friends and your family.

Firstly roll a ball to sit in the bottle top – this will be a pair of shoulders – and squash it into the bottle top.

Then roll a slightly smaller ball to sit on top – this will be the head.

Add hair and features to make your model look like your friend or relation – and don’t forget to make a model of yourself!

If you have trouble getting the head to sit on the shoulders, you can incorporate part of a toothpick or a used matchstick inside the model.

Set modelling clay in the fridge (or follow instructions on the packet). Varnish with a clear coat of varnish to finish off if you want to by holding the bottle top to keep the model steady – the bottle top does not need to be painted or varnished.

Don’t forget to put down plenty of newspaper for this part and work in a well-ventilated room.

The models shouldn’t be too tall otherwise they will fall over but otherwise they should glide along on your board games really easily.

They are more interesting to use than tiddlywinks – but be careful how you store them – you don’t want anyone’s head falling off!


You could just drawn a face onto a small ball and stick it onto a cap.



You could make counters out of small thread reels.

Draw a face onto one side and wrap the lower part in coloured paper or felt, then add some matching coloured yarn hair or a coloured cap to the top – you will need a different colour for each player.



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Answers to the News Desk Quiz


  1. save
  2. safe
  3. café
  4. cane
  5. pane
  6. sane
  7. sale
  8. pale
  9. pals
  10. palm


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      Well Josie, first of all thank you for writing in and l am glad that you like my blog so much.
      l publish blog posts once a week because each one really takes quite a long time to prepare.
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      See you next week Josie 🙂

      Love from Salty Sam

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