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Positive Thinking


Hello Everyone



Some children don’t like school.


They are not lucky enough to have a teacher as nice as Miss Pringle, maybe.


She had a chat with her class this week about what they thought about school and what they would choose to do after they left. 


She gave them a lot to think about and l think this is a lovely topic for my 400th blog post…


Sometimes, a teacher tells a child that they are not very bright – (unlike the fireflies in the photograph at the top of the page).  This is not kind and it is not helpful or encouraging either.  The more you encourage a child, the more they rise to expectations.


Then when they grow up and maybe become unhappy with their life they might want to change their job.


Very often when you are a grown up and you want to start a new career, you have to go back to college to retrain and get extra qualifications to prove that you can do the new job that you want to have.


But when people have terrible memories of school the thought of going back into a classroom is so awful they can’t face doing it.


So they stay in the job that makes them feel so unhappy because they are not brave enough to make changes or try anything new.


This is a terrible shame!


The truth is that when you are an adult in a college, whether you go there straight from school or when you are older, it really isn’t like school at all and you are treated like an adult. 


Actually, if you are not treated well, you can complain about the teacher!


Lots of people have to go back into a classroom to learn things when they are a grown up to get better at their job, or learn how to do a new one.  Sometimes the new knowledge will help them to earn more money.


There is always hope for everyone who wants to make their life better.


lf things go wrong in someone’s life, the easiest thing to do is complain, blame someone else and feel hard done by.


You think it is not fair. Thinking that things are not fair never puts things right.


Better strategies can be employed to get good results.


When you try something and it goes wrong, it doesn’t necessarily mean it isn’t meant to be. You may need to try again, try again at a better time or try again with a different strategy.


Just because something was bad in the past doesn’t mean to say history will repeat itself.


When something goes wrong, you need to ask yourself what you have learned from the incident. 


Then you have a better chance of doing the right thing next time.


Some people earn lots of money when they are young – they get really lucky almost overnight.  But their success does not last forever and they can end their life very poor!


They made the mistake of thinking that once things got good they would be like that forever.


Life has seasons – just like the Earth.  Summers are lovely but you have to have winters in between.


You can climb up to the peak of a mountain but you have to go down into a valley on the journey to the next peak.


That is why you need to keep learning, keep saving money and learn how to make your own decisions about what is right for you and not expect other people to parent you forever when you are grown up.


When things go wrong, you need to think calmly about what the right thing to do is to make things better. 


Sometimes you may need to write your problems down to work them out.  This is a really good technique for working problems out – to get them out of your head and get a fresh prospective on them.


Do a brain dump and look at them from a step back.


You may need to go back to square one to rethink everything.


Listen to your inner wisdom – some people call it intuition or a gut feeling.


Be creative about solving your problems, have a positive metal attitude and personality.


You have to develop qualities of courage and persistence in life and this can be done from an early age.


You also need to always have good work habits.  lf there is homework to do, just get on and do it.


lt also helps to keep good company.  You are judged by the company you keep.  They have enormous influence on you.  Sometimes they can be of enormous help to you too.


lf you have a good image and a good character, this can open doors for you when you are older.  That means that if you are a likable person and you are obviously trying hard in all that you do, other people will give you opportunities.


Older people don’t like young people who expect something for nothing.  They call it an attitude of entitlement.


Success is a process, a process of one step in front of another – and it sometimes takes a long time to get success!


Admire successful people and see how they got to where they are.  Don’t be jealous of them, learn from them.


Life is lived in different cycles.


Sometimes you spend time learning, some times you just relax, some times you forge forward, some times you tidy up loose ends and some times you produce plans for the future.


You can’t spend too much time working or lazing about, or making plans and not moving forward on them.


Listen to your own body, it will tell you when it is flagging and needs to be refreshed!  lf you don’t listen, you may get ill.


Feed you mind with positivity and seek balance with work, exercise and play.


The children thought Miss Pringle was very wise.



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And see you again next Fun Friday!


Love and kisses



Salty Sam





Bill and Bob’s Joke of the Weekjokejoke


Bob:  Did you hear about the chicken who ate Smarties and M & Ms for a whole week?


Bill:  No, what happened?


Bob:  She laid the first ever polka-dot egg!



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This week, Miss Pringle gave her class an idioms test.  The idioms were all to do with stretching yourself to new heights!

Can you find the answers to her questions?



Fill in the blanks…




  1. Put your thinking c _ _ on
  2. A b _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ session
  3. S _ _ _ _ on it
  4. M _ _ _ it over in your mind
  5. Chew the c _ _




  1. B _ _ _ up
  2. Put your nose to the g _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _
  3. Put your shoulder to the w _ _ _ _
  4. Use some elbow g _ _ _ _ _
  5. Make h _ _ while the sun shines
  6. A _ _ _ _ yourself
  7. Get into g _ _ _
  8. Burn the midnight o _ _




  1. C _ _ _ up
  2. Get a g _ _ _
  3. P _ _ _ yourself together
  4. Grow a s _ _ _ _
  5. T _ _ _ _ _ _ up
  6. Kick b _ _ _
  7. M _ _ up
  8. Face the m _ _ _ _








Quick Quiz


These items are words that also mean discarded items.


  1. a Chinese boat
  2. a group of animals born together
  3. to _____ (ruin) someone’s reputation
  4. talking nonsense
  5. to say no







lt’s the Weekend!




This egg cosy is the perfect thing to keep your hard boiled eggs warm.

The bobble can be the same colour as the hat or a contrasting one.



Using 4mm knitting needles and pale blue dk yarn cast on 18 stitches

Slip 1 (knit 2, purl 2) repeat last 4 stitches to last stitch, knit 1

Repeat the last row 3 times


Knit 16 rows of stocking stitch


Decrease 1 stitch at the beginning of the next 8 rows of stocking stitch

Don’t cast off – cut off your yarn with about 20cm left to thread through the stitches



  1. Pull the stitches tight at the top of the egg cosy and sew down the sides using over-sew stitching with right sides together.
  2. Add a bobble to the top of the hat.
  3. Turn the ribbing up.



Please note that the material on this blog is for personal use and for use in classrooms only.

It is a copyright infringement and, therefore, illegal under international law to sell items made with these patterns.

Use of the toys and projects is at your own risk.

©Christina Sinclair Designs 2015sand



Answers to the News Desk Quiz




  1. Put your thinking cap on
  2. A brainstorming session
  3. Sleep on it
  4. Mull it over in your mind
  5. Chew the cud




  1. Buck up
  2. Put your nose to the grindstone
  3. Put your shoulder to the wheel
  4. Use some elbow grease (put some physical effort into it)
  5. Make hay while the sun shines (do something while the opportunity is there)
  6. Apply yourself
  7. Get into gear
  8. Burn the midnight oil (using an oil lamp to work into the night)




  1. Chin up
  2. Get a grip
  3. Pull yourself together
  4. Grow a spine
  5. Toughen up
  6. Kick back
  7. Man up
  8. Face the music (own up to what you have done wrong)





Quick Quiz Answers


  1. a Chinese boat – a junk – junk = uncountable noun
  2. a group of animals born together – a litter – litter = uncountable noun
  3. to _____ (ruin) someone’s reputation – trash = uncountable noun
  4. talking nonsense – rubbish = uncountable noun
  5. to say no – to refuse – refuse = uncountable noun – these two words are pronounced differently with a z and an s.  (The stress on a word is on the first syllable for the noun and on the second for the verb.)



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