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Self- Confidence


Hello Everyone


Miss Pringle teaches her class lots of facts.


She teaches them about maths and science, history and geography and they read lots of stories together.


They do experiments and artwork and all sorts of different projects.


And of course, the children learn how to read and write and spell better every day.


When you learn to read, you can then learn about anything you want to.


You might be surprised how many people in the world can’t read.


But she also wants the children to be happy and self-confident children who feel that they have a self-worth and are very able to do things.


The more you get good at anything, the more self confident you become.


Success breeds success!


Sometimes her class have debates, this encourages them to voice an opinion and also listen politely to other people’s opinion.


She also taught her class something important to think about – to accept compliments well. 


Sometimes when someone gives us a compliment we say something bad about ourselves because we think it is polite.


But this is wrong – although societies all around the world teach us this is what we should do.


Just say ‘thank you’ and just see how different it feels – compared to trying to think up a comment in order to criticize yourself as a response.


You will feel warm and fuzzy inside as you accept the compliment rather than fighting it off.


Maybe you can say something nice back to the person who has given you a compliment and make them feel warm and fuzzy inside too.


This is a very good habit to pick up!


Miss Pringle says that everyone should learn to look after themselves well.


A lot of people call this self-love.


This does not mean being big-headed about yourself – it just means living a healthy life.  This means being in nature, eating healthy food, exercising in the fresh air, enjoying your hobbies and not working too hard – that kind of thing.


lt means doing what genuinely makes you happy not what you think other people expect you to do or will criticize you for if you don’t do them or maybe even scoff at you because you are not being ‘fashionable’.


lt also means not letting yourself be bullied or pushed around. 


lf your friend is not happy with you; ask yourself two questions.


ls it because you were mean to them?  This is not good – you should say sorry.


ls it because you just won’t do what they want you to do because it would make you very unhappy?  This is very different.


Miss Pringle also said you should try and stay motivated in everything you do, have the courage to try new things and make your own decisions – especially about your school work.


These things will all help you to become more self-confident.


And lastly, she told her class that they should never compare themselves to other people.


Social media encourages this, but it is not a good way to self-love.


The only person you should compare yourself to is your ‘past self’.


How much have you grown?


How much have you learnt?


How much have you improved at something you can do?


How much more self-confident have you grown?


This is a good thing to think!



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Love and kisses



Salty Sam





Bill and Bob’s Joke of the Weekjokejoke


Bill:  What is that book you have borrowed from the library Bob?


Bob:  lt is called the Complete ldiot’s Guide to Self-Esteem.



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This week, there was a harvest festival service at the church where the Rev Green announced how much money had been raised by the recent Sponsored Do Something Useful Project.

What Miss Pringle was calling the sponsored DoSU for short!

When everyone heard how much was collected and the list of things the money had bought, they all clapped.

Everyone was really pleased.



Miss Pringle had to concede that the DoSU campaign was a much better idea than a sponsored walk or a sponsored silence – even though it did need a lot more adult supervision than something that could have been done in a classroom or a school playground.

Auntie Alice had knitted lots of pencil cases to fill with school equipment.  She made them long enough to put a 15cm ruler and lots of pens and pencils in.

If she had done some gardening in the morning to tidy up and make everything neat and tidy for the winter, she could sit down after lunch and get started on her knitting.

By the time she went to bed she could have finished three cases. They were all different colours and had stripes in them of varying widths.

In no time at all, she had a large pile of them to take to Miss Pringle.

Lots of people had bought books to the church service.  Some were nice ones they didn’t need anymore; some were bought especially, and the Rocky Bay Book Shop has done good business in the last couple of weeks.

All the books were suitable for school children to use at school.

There were atlases, dictionaries, picture books and story books and some people just bought plain notebooks for children to write in.

The manager at the Rocky Bay Supermarket donated some packs of pencils and some maths equipment which was really kind of him. 

So all in all there was a huge pile of things to be transported off to a charity that would distribute them.

They are not so much hand outs but hand ups.

The whole project was a massive success, mainly because so many people had each done quite a small thing – but when the community got together it amounted to a huge result.









Hobby Time


Did you know that if you keep telling yourself something, your subconscious begins to believe it?


So you had better give yourself a good story about yourself to believe!


Write some phrases on some sticky-notes and put them on your mirror, on the front of your journal or diary – anywhere where you can see them regularly


Speak them out aloud and feel the power of your self-confidence.


Repeat them day after day.


l love myself

l am going to be positive today

Every day is a new beginning

Challenges help you learn and grow

l must communicate well – (people can’t guess what is in your head)

l am kind to people

l am strong and capable






lt’s the Weekend!




This is an easy knit for a beginner.



Using 4mm knitting needles and pink dk yarn cast on 30 stitches

Cast off

Roll the knitting into a coil sewing it together as you go and sew across it again and again to make a solid disc



Using 4mm knitting needles and pink dk yarn cast on 18 stitches

Knit 12 rows of garter stitch

Don’t cast off

Cut off your yarn leaving enough for sewing up the back seam and thread it through the stitches

Pull the stitches in tight and sew up the back seam using over-sew stitching with wrong sides together

Turn the head the right way out

Stuff the head

Embroider a face on the head using black yarn working in from the stuffing

Sew the base into place to hide all the ends of the black yarn

Crochet 20 chains into a length of pink yarn to make a loop

Attach the loop to the top of the head



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