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Whether you are a quantum physicist or a Buddhist monk, you will believe that about 94 – 96% of the universe is hidden.


That does not mean all the galaxies at the edge of the known universe that are too far away to see with a telescope.


lt means that there are other dimensions in the universe other than the time-space reality that we see around us full of physical things.


ln the invisible part of the universe, there are lots of things – these would include heaven. 


This is important to know if anyone you have loved very much has died and gone to heaven.  They are still living – but in a different place.


Sometimes people living in heaven can come to visit you in dreams.


On Earth, living can be so dangerous and people in ancient times were so likely to die in an accident or attack, that nature never really invested more into a human body than was enough for them to live up to about a hundred years.


Scientists now believe that they are developing ways to help the body renew itself and, therefore, allow us to live to maybe 150 to 200 years old.


But even so, nobody is likely to last here forever.


ln the invisible universe, there is also formless stuff that has not been created into things yet, it is available to make things in the future.


There are lots of beings living in the invisible universe – well beyond our eyes anyway and one such group of beings are angels.


There are different types of angels.


You have to be very clairvoyant to see angels but they are around us all the time.  Some of them love helping people.  They think humans are cute and loveable.


They are more likely to help us if we ask for help.  


This is because of the concept of free will that exists on Earth. That means that people are free to have the choices to make their own decisions.


But there is no point asking for help if you don’t then follow the angelic signposts when they appear. 


You will know what they are in your heart when you see them.


Your wishes don’t get delivered in a box with a ribbon tied around it – you have to go out and do the work and follow the right path to get to where you want to be.


You need to take action.


You need to work with the help that you have been given, not expect everything to be done for you.


Most people have never seen an angel.  They might even say that they ‘will believe it when they see it’ – but maybe it is more the case that they ‘will see it when they believe it’.


There are many angels around us in the universe willing to aid us if we ask and this is important to know for anyone in the world who feels alone. 


Some children do not have a loving family around them.  But they have never been abandoned by the universe – not one of them.


A lot of spiritual teachers say that everyone who comes to have a life on Earth has with them at least two guardian angels.  You can call more in to help you if you want to.  They do not like the idea of suffering and sacrifice.


Angels can help more than one person at a time because their energy and focus can be all over the place.  They are different from humans.


Angels are recognized by different faiths all over the world – in the West and in the East.


Angels are important manifestations of God.  They are programmed to make loving and helpful choices. 


They are a bit like divine parents.  They want us to succeed on our own so that we can grow, but we can ask for help and guidance whenever we want to.


They live in a realm that is very different from ours but they are in contact with ours.  They are heavenly assistants, divine messengers and guides and protectors to humans.


There seems to be a bit of angel mania travelling across the world at the moment.


There are plenty of angels caught in camera on You Tube – whether all of this footage is genuine – you can decide for yourself.


There are so many stories of guardian angels intervening to help humans in moments of crisis.  They have been known to magically intervene when something is destined or not destined to happen – on busy roads or bleak mountain tops.  They can step in without being asked – but only at a time of crisis and real danger.


There are many books telling these stories.


There are several archangels.  These archangels want to help us create a bridge between our thinking heads and our knowing hearts. They are not interested in religion; only love.


There is Michael dressed in blue holding a sword because he is a protector, Gabriel a messenger angel and Raphael assigned for physical and emotional healing and helping travellers.  These are the most famous arch angels.


Jophiel means ‘beauty of God’ and helps to promote positivity and calmness. 


Ariel is the patron saint of animals, nature, the environment and the stars and planets.


Azrael helps with transitions; in life and with souls passing through to heaven.


Chamuel helps with problems and negativity, heals anxiety and mends relationships.


Ariel, Jophiel and Gabriel are female angels. 


Metatron an angel who teaches people to use their spiritual power for good and Sandalphon who cares for the Earth, are two angels who were once humans that ascended to angel status.  Metatron was the grandfather of Noah – you know, the guy with the ark full of animals.


There are other ranks of angels.  Different schools of thought have different ideas about angels and l have listed the ones l found here…


lt is said that there are nine main categories altogether.


The collective noun for angels is a choir (you will already know this if you have ever sung the carol O Come All Ye Faithful, at school or church); so there are nine choirs of angels.


Above archangels are principalities.  They weren’t too happy with God for letting humans exist apparently – they weren’t very impressed with their behaviour.  Sometimes when you watch the news you can see what they mean!


Then there are: powers, virtues, dominions and thrones.


Above them are cherubims.  They have magnificent, large, gleaming gold wings and are very tall.  They have slender bodies and wear long white gowns like a choir boy’s smock; the fibres of the fabric glisten.


They have human hands and their head is a sort of cube-like structure with four faces to represent humans, wild animals, domesticated animals and bird life. ln the Bible they are linked to the Garden of Eden.


A human’s face is at the front, a lion’s on the right side, an ox’s face on the left and a bird’s at the back.  They will pull the face they want to show to the front.


These angels like to look after people and they care about their feelings.


They bring with them their own light.


The angels that are nearest to God are seraphims. 


They are very interested in the Truth of what is, and some people say they are so bright that human eyes can’t see them.  They have a very bright white/gold light. Some people say that they have seen a seraphim; they are angels with six wings.


Of course, different religions teach different ways of praying and who you should pray to.


A lot of people nowadays want to really understand things for themselves rather than being told what to think.


Some youngsters like to try out using a Ouija board to contact the invisible universe. They think it will be a bit of an experiment; a bit of a thrill.


You might think Ouija is a strange name.  The word is made up of yes in French and yes in German.


But it is a real no, no to use them!


They can open up doorways into the invisible universe.  These doorways are called portals.


Anything can come through a portal, but the most likely beings that will take the opportunity to come through will be lower entities.  They will give you trouble and misery and are not to be encouraged.


You are taking a risk.


Your actions won’t make the world a better place at all.  Be warned!


Better ways would be what New Age people call, meditation, mindfulness or contemplation (these are not exactly the same) or what Christians call silent prayer.  The more time you spend doing this, the better you will get at it.


This is the way to find a right path to follow in your life.


There is no point in keep asking for things, opportunities or help if you don’t listen for the answers you get back.


The universe is a sort of hologram and so is the human brain, so the human brain is designed to see beyond what your two eyes can see.  The part of the brain we use in this way is called the super conscious. 


The part of the brain that psychic people use to see still pictures and moving scenes and words is called the pineal gland – or third eye.  lt contains cells that are similar to the eyeballs at the front of your head.  The hidden universe likes to talk to you in pictures. 


Psychic people can get messages from the invisible universe to know the Truth of a situation.


A wider way of knowing things is called intuition. Sometimes you just can’t explain how you know something – you just feel it is right; this is intuition.  Some people call it a gut feeling because you can feel/know things in your heart and body, not just your head.


Clairvoyance is the word to describe psychic sight and clairsentience is the word to describe psychic feeling.


Being able to talk to people in heaven is called mediumship.


All mediums are psychic but not all psychics are mediums.


Not all people who say they are a psychic or a medium are telling the truth! 


So don’t believe everything people tell you!


And… good luck watching out for angels!



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Love and kisses



Salty Sam





Bill and Bob’s Joke of the Weekjokejoke


Bill:  Do you know how angels are environmentally friendly?


Bob:  Yes, they have wind-powered wings and solar-powered halos!



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As humans we have a spirit and a soul and an ego

The spirit is part of God, your soul belongs to you and is your eternal being that

lives inside and outside of your body while you are alive

and your ego is a protective personality

that you have while you are alive on Earth



Omnipresent means to be found everywhere 

(In Life force and Divine/Universal Intelligence)







Well, it has been absolute chaos at Bill and Bob’s cottage this week!



You won’t believe everything that has happened.

The cottage has been a mess. 

I have had materials for building cupboards in the cottage all over the place.  With my superior woodworking skills, I felt well-able to help out with that job.

Then Bill and Bob’s dad’s books, notebooks and papers are all over the place too.

They are stacked up on the dining table and chairs and various other places.

Sometimes he doesn’t even clear them away at meal time.  Everyone just has a tray on their laps in front of the television.  It just seems easier.

Bill and Bob’s mum is doing all the housework and laundry without his help and is also still doing a full time job.

Auntie Alice was helping by taking shopping round to their cottage during the week that she collected from the Rocky Bay Supermarket. 

She also took fruit, vegetables, herbs and eggs from her garden and the occasional prepared meal too.

Then disaster struck!

Auntie Alice slipped on her kitchen floor and was rushed to hospital in an ambulance.  She managed to crawl to a phone and call for help. 

The doctors at the hospital had to check to see if she had broken anything.

Luckily, the diagnosis was just bad bruising and sprains. 

She was badly shaken up though.



All the doctors and nurses at the Rocky Bay Cottage Hospital were very kind and said they would keep her in for a few days and look after her.

The matron at the hospital called Bill and Bob’s mum at work to let her know what had happened.

So that evening, Bill and Bob’s mum rushed round to Auntie Alice’s cottage to sort things out.

What a terrible sight greeted her when she went into the kitchen.

She was shocked!

Her stomach quite turned over when she went in the back door.

It looked like a terrible accident had occurred. 

It looked like the scene from a horror film! Carnage! Disaster! Blood everywhere!



Then she realized that it wasn’t blood on the floor; it was a blackberry crumble that had been dropped with a great splat and had splashed up the sides of the cupboards!

She cleared up the mess and Bill and Bob gave food and water to Auntie Alice’s doves and chickens and also Biscuit her ginger cat.

Bill and Bob knew where all the food was kept and exactly what to do because Auntie Alice had showed them before.

Children really can be very clever and helpful at times!

Then their mum checked over the cottage and locked everything up.

She collected Auntie Alice’s slippers, dressing gown and a couple of clean night dresses as well as a sponge bag and filled it with her toothbrush, toothpaste, soap, hand cream and things like that to take to the hospital.

She put Sausage on his lead and packed his dog blanket, food and water bowls along with a pile of his food into the boot of the car and they all went home.



So as well as all the mess in the cottage there was an excited dog jumping about all over the place!

Then later that evening, after dinner, the whole family went to visit Auntie Alice in hospital to see that she was alright and tell her not to worry because everything was under control.

Except Bill and Bob’s mum didn’t think she could cope with it all at all.

What was more Emily was away on holiday so her parents couldn’t help either.

So Captain Jack and I came to the rescue. 

We thought we were like two super-heroes!

We took it in turns keeping Auntie Alice company in the hospital every day and taking her everything she needed, like grapes, magazines and chocolates, and going to her cottage to look after her animals and garden.



Isn’t it nice when a family pulls together?

The good news is that Auntie Alice is now back home.

Captain Jack is going round every day to help her because she still has her wrist in a bandage.  He takes Sausage out for walks too.

I finished the cupboards in the cottage yesterday and tidied my tools away and so everything is relatively calm there again.

Much to everyone’s relief!









Quick Quiz


What do these phrases mean?


  1. an angel’s advocate
  2. enough to make the angels weep
  3. a little angel
  4. oil of angels
  5. to be on the side of the angels
  6. fools rush in where angels fear to tread
  7. angel signs
  8. guardian angel






lt’s the Weekend!




Look at Blog Post 381 for the pattern for the doll.

There have been patterns for clothes and accessories for this doll on these blog posts.  Now here is a nightdress to go to bed in.



Using 4mm knitting needles and white dk yarn cast on 28 stitches

Knit 4 rows of garter stitch

Change to pale green dk yarn

Knit 44 rows of stocking stitch

Knit 4 rows of garter stitch

Cast off



Cast on 17 stitches

Cast off



Using over-sew stitching and with right sides together sew side seams

Sew the ends of the straps in place

Decorate the front of the nightgown with a bow or button



Please note that the material on this blog is for personal use and for use in classrooms only.

It is a copyright infringement and, therefore, illegal under international law to sell items made with these patterns.

Use of the toys and projects is at your own risk.

©Christina Sinclair Designs 2015sand



Quick Quiz Answers


  1. an angel’s advocate – supports the good parts of an idea
  2. enough to make the angels weep – a terrible situation
  3. a little angel – a good child
  4. oil of angels – money, possibly a bribe
  5. to be on the side of the angels – a good person
  6. fools rush in where angels fear to tread – not a safe place to be
  7. angel signs – feathers, butterflies, pennies
  8. guardian angel – someone who protects someone else




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